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Mitt Romney lost the presidential election, and now he’s losing his footing in the social network sector—Facebook to be exact.

By the weekend after the election, the onetime presidential hopeful lost roughly 847 “likes” an hour, and the website is keeping track of it all.

Tracking the number drop in real time, the site shows Romney’s original Facebook count as 12,135,92 people as of election day. While today he still clocks more than 12 million fans, the number has slimmed to 12,029,895, and continues to drop.

Over in the Twitterverse, the 65-year-old has actually gained 1,601 followers since losing the election, but he hasn’t been tweeting as much. Once using the site to vocalize his plans for president, Romney has only posted kind messages to supporters, the last of which went up Sunday (Nov. 10).

Social media was a big part of presidential election as it was not only a tool for both candidates to reach voters, but a forum to vent about the race for the White House. On election night, President Obama earned the title of having the most retweeted photo in the site’s history after posting an image embracing wife, Michelle Obama. The site also saw spikes in election posts, hitting a record-breaking  327,452 tweets per minute, once the president won a second term.



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