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The Indiana man who foolishly tattooed Mitt Romney’s campaign logo on his face has had a change of heart. Eric Hartsburg initially pretended to be at peace with his decision to sell space on his face via eBay which led to the tattoo, but is feeling much differently about the whole thing.

Hartsburg is fed up with Romney’s behavior since losing the election, and has decided that the ink holds bad energy. “It stands not only for a losing campaign but for a sore loser. He’s pretty shameful as far as I’m concerned, man.”

Among the antics that stuck out to Hartsburg was Romney’s post-elections comments to donors stating that President Obama won a second term for being “generous” to Black and Latino voters. “There’s no dignity in blaming somebody else for buying votes and paying off people,” Hartsburg said. “I can’t get behind that or stay behind.”

The 30-year-old wrestler has decided to accept the offer to remove the tattoo, extended to him by Dr. TATTOFF, and will fly to Los Angeles next week for his first removal session. However a call from either Romney or his running mate Paul Ryan (both of whom have not reached out to him) could change his mind.

This guy needs to get his life together.