Hip-Hop Wired: What do you feel Eminem and Adam Levine added to “My Life.”

50 Cent: The right tones so that it could be a song that arguably should be played on every format. My choice in production left a drum sound that feels like a familiar vintage Hip-Hop [track]. It feels like a drum loop, break beat, Hip-Hop style drums, that would make this a complete rap record. The tones, the things, the issues that are being addressed, my verses, and Em’s verses are things that say “This is a rap record, this should be played on urban and rhythmic radio.” At the same time, the tones that Adam actually brought to the record and Em’s notoriety on Top 40—when it comes to the radio—makes it something that should be played on every single format.

Hip-Hop Wired: Did you seek out Levine and Eminem because you wanted the record to be a crossover hit?

50 Cent: It was organic really, because I wanted to do a song with Adam [Levine] as a fan of his actual vocal ability. I talked about Adam in 2002, before anyone knew who [Maroon 5] was. [He] heard me talking about him when I was actually on my promo tour. He never forgot it. When I actually met him we talked about it and he was like “Yo we heard [your support back then].”

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