Hip-Hop Wired: You were just granted a promoters license in Nevada, why did you want to move into boxing?

50 Cent: Initially the concept was established with me and Floyd [Mayweather] in mind. Floyd was like “I got two more [years] left in me.” I’m like “Two or three? Then you have to start thinking of your exit strategy.” Being 35, as a fighter you should start looking wher you [are]. When he’s saying these things to me, I [said] “Alright, let me look into it.” He asked me to help him with the promotional company, then he changed his mind. I’m not angry with him for changing his mind, it doesn’t matter. The fighters that I actually acquired over the time he was incarcerated, they retained their value. It’s cool, I moved forward in a promotional area without Floyd’s involvement. This was something I was trying to do to help him sustain, not fall into the traditional of professional fighters ending their careers and not  being financially sound.

Hip-Hop Wired: So for the record you’re not mad at him, it’s all good?

50 Cent: I’m not angry with him at all in his decisions but he doesn’t make any money away from his income within the sport of boxing, so how does he survive if he doesn’t create ventures like SMS Promotions? That’s his job [to figure it out], we’re just here talking about positive things today.

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