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New York City police have found the man believed to have pushed Ki-Suck Han off  a Subway platform, and to his death earlier in the week.

Naeem Davis was questioned by police Tuesday (Dec. 4) over his role in the fatal incident which ended with Han being struck by an oncoming train.  “The individual we talked to made statement implicating himself in the incident,” said NPYD spokesperson, Paul Browne.

According to eyewitness accounts, Davis was arguing with another man and Han got involved in an attempt to protect others around him. He was pushed onto the tracks and was seen trying to climb back up to safety just as the fast approaching train struck and killed him.

Freelance photographer, R. Umar Abbasi, was on assignment for the New York Post at the time grabbed the last photo of Han alive and trying to make it to safety. The image ran as the cover of the Post drawing criticism from some who felt that Abbasi should have dropped his camera and tried to help, but he asserts that he took the photo hoping that the camera flash would alert the driver of the train to stop before it was too late.“My condolences to the family, and if I could have, I would have pulled Mr. Han out,” he said on the TODAY show of the photo which he sold. “I didn’t care about the photographs. If you were to see the raw photographs, you would say, I cannot see anything in them.”

Davis, 30, has not been charged with a crime as of yet.