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Naeem Davis, the suspect accused of pushing  a man off a Subway platform, is blaming the tragic incident on the victim. Davis was arraigned on a second-degree murder charge, in a New York City court Wednesday (Dec. 5) . 

“He attacked me first,” Davis told reporters of the altercation that turned fatal after the victim, Ki-Suck Han, was struck by a Subway train. “He grabbed me.”

A witness to the incident also placed Han as the aggressor in the situation. “The victim kept saying ‘Hey! Hey!’ at the suspect, getting closer and closer to him. At first Davis appeared calm, saying ‘I don’t know you, you don’t know me, get out of my face,’” recalled Leigh Weigus.

Footage captured by a cellphone shows the altercation between Davis and Han. “Leave me the f-ck alone,” Davis can be heard saying after being confronted by Han. “Take you’re a– over there, stand in line, wait for the ‘R’ train. That’s it.”

According to prosecutor James Lin, Davis saw the train hit Han before he fled the scene, yet when asked by the media, if he meant to kill the 58-year-old, he said “No.”

“The defendant never once offered any aid to the victim as the train approached the platform and in fact this defendant watched the train hit the victim,” said Lin.

Davis, who is homeless, has a previous arrest record in New York and Philadelphia.

At a news conference held yesterday, Han’s 20-year-old daughter, Ashley, spoke fondly of her dad, and said “What’s done is done,” when asked about no one helping him to safety. “The thought of someone helping him up in a matter of second would have been great,” she added.

Instead of being pulled up, Han’s photo was captured by a freelance photographer, who asserts that he was too far away to be of assistance. Instead he assumed that the flash from his camera would alert the train driver—which didn’t work. Han was crushed by the train, and pronounced dead at a local hospital.


Photo: AP