Kerry Washington, who plays Foxx’s German-speaking slave wife Broomhilda, does the brunt of her acting with her face but she’s masterful. When she’s happy you feel it, the emotion permeates through the screen. When she’s scared you cringe, on the edge of your seat hoping she won’t get caught, after yet another failed escape plan.  And when she is in pain, it’s perhaps the hardest scenes to watch. The pain is so thick at times the emotion of it all might just take your breath away. Washington envelopes this character in a way that only she can, reiterating the reason why she able to go from being a high-powered “professional fixer” on ABC’s Scandal to a slave, and make both equally as believable.

Christolph Waltz, helming the role of Dr. Schultz, is also like you’re average killer. He’s jovial and personable, but remarkably heartless (when he’s working). He murders usually in broad daylight, and doesn’t blink an eye at a criminal being shot in front of his own child. A devout dentist-turned-bounty-hunter living comfortably in the “flesh for cash” world, Schultz commissions the help of Django to assist him in knocking off everyone on his list and collecting the bounties along the way.

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