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Beyoncé  has been ruling  your life this week, and the takeover is far from reaching completion. Having already dropped the new Destiny’s Child collaboration “Nuclear,” earlier today, Mama Bey also released a trailer for her forthcoming HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream.

The usually reclusive star has since recognized her own power (a statement revealed in the new issue of GQ magazine, of which she also covers), and gave fans a look into the next level of her career. “I felt I had been so commercially successful it wasn’t enough,” she says in the new trailer.

“It’s something really stressful, having to keep up with that. You can’t express yourself, you can’t grow. It is the battle of my life so I set a goal, and my goal was independence.”

In one scene, the 31-year-old reacts to being pregnant with now 1-year-old Blue Ivy Carter. “I just had a feeling that something was going on,” she says before a sonogram photo hits the screen. “This is crazy!”

Be on the lookout for more revealing info when Life Is But A Dream airs February 16.

All hail the queen.

Photo: YouTube