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Hear ye, hear ye, minions. The Kang of the South still wants you to know who runs this thing. 

T.I. recently spoke to Hip-Hop Wired and had to lay down the law of the land fresh off of the success of his latest album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head. The album has sold 288,000 copies to date and debuted #2 on the Billboard charts, second only to Taylor Swift. Has the success of the album as well as the show, The Family Hustle, re-established Tip as the Kang? Well according to him, the crown never went anywhere.

“I mean, I don’t even think it’s about re-establishing myself as the King of the South,” says T.I. “To be honest with you, the fact is “The King Of The South” was a position created by T.I. If T.I. brought this title into fruition only T.I. can give that position away.  If there was a predecessor before who was the King of the South before T.I. and had made that statement and justified it, and I came along and earned that title and it had been passed from someone, fine. But that title was created by T.I,” the Kang proclaims.

Although the incredibly confident mogul/rapper knows he’s back on top now, he knows that his crown was up for grabs at one point. The fact is, to him, nobody took it.

“That’s what solidifies myself as the King of the South. There’s people that sell more records right now,” says the Trap Back Jumpin” rapper. “You’ve got Lil’ Wayne, arguably one of the greatest of the game. I can’t take nothing away from him. I salute him. Cash Money, Drake, Nicki, none of em. I have a great working relationship with Cash Money and Young Money, however, I offer something different. I offer the game something different. In my hiatus, if somebody could have taken that spot from me I would have nothing to come back to. So obvious there is something T.I. offers the game that nobody else can offer. That’s what solidifies my position as the “King of the South.”

Well, the King has spoken. Do you believe that T.I. is still the King? Sound off.

Photo: Matt Jones