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People are still foolishly getting poison injected into their back meat. Hip-Hop Wired has reported on a few different people who have been busted over botched butt enhancement procedures, but this one is a little more bizarre than usual.

 Calvin E. Butler, of Florida, also goes by Tamieka, and looks as if he’s either stuffed pine cones in his cheeks, or maybe decided to test out his own products on his face. Be that as it may, Butler was arrested and charged for injecting silicone in to his “patients” in a West Palm Beach motel, and used Krazy Glue to seal the wounds.

There’s a possibility that several people were victimized thanks to Butler, including one woman who was charged $200 for a procedure. The victim saw him four times between September and October of last year, and developed “painful nodules” after the injections. When informed of the issue, Butler had a remedy. “Butler told her to take warm baths and to massage the nodules and that her symptoms would subside,” read an affidavit.

In the end, she was hospitalized more than once, suffered swollen lymph nodes, and had oozing sores on her butt, among other ailments.

Another one of Butler’s customers was a man who got butt injections and ended up in the hospital with open sores, where the injections had been made. Since the two were friends the man was only charged $100, and later had  to have pieces of his butt surgically removed.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Butler—likely drawing attention to himself by rocking a large wig, fur coat, and lots of jewelry— visited the man in the hospital and told him “You need to remember who the (expletive) in charge is.”

He was busted last week on two counts of unlicensed practice of health care profession causing bodily harm, and held on $15,000 bond.

According to his criminal record, Butler has charges of loitering, prowling, and prostitution, dating back over a decade.