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The $10 million lawsuit between rising teen rapper Mac Miller and grizzled veteran producer/MC Lord Finesse was settled last month., Now the pair aims to join forces musically. Although things were seemingly tense, the Pittsburgh MC and the self-professed, Bronx-reared “Funky Man” cleared the air in a recent interview.

Fuse caught up with Miller and Finesse, who both appear to be ready to move on past the lawsuit over Miller’s 2010 mixtape track “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” which used part of Finesse’s 1995 track “Hip 2 Da Game.”

“I’m happy, man. Everything worked out,” said Miller. “We got to settle and both parties were happy. There’s no ill will. Everything’s cool. Me and Finesse have talked since then and we’re both just happy to be moving past everything.”

Finesse added that he has “no beef” with Miller and both expressed a desire to work with one another. I’m just glad that it’s over and I’m definitely relieved that we moved past this,” added Finesse with finality. “From day one, I never looked publicly to use this for attention and I purposely never talked about this from the beginning.”

Miller added that he and Finesse have exchanged friendly messages, but there wasn’t a clear timeline offered that indicated when the future works would appear. Miller dodged this bullet, but Donald Trump recently threatened to bring a lawsuit against the rapper as well.

Photo: DITC/Rostrum