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“Chris Brown — Now That’s My Guy, But How He Do An Interview And All Y’all Notice Was The Bow Tie?/The Media Went Hard, Chris You Want Us To Forget Just Say What Really Happened In The Car/Rihanna, She Kept Quiet — Until She Had An Album To Sell But We Still Ain’t Buy It/Mike Vick & A.I. — Back In Action And We Were Shocked By The Loss Of Mr. Michael Jackson.”

The death of Michael Jackson; Mike Vick finally returning to play football; Nas and Kelis going through divorce and Rihanna getting beat up by Chris Brown.  These are just a few bullet points to wrap up what happened in 2009.

For all the good, there was also the bad, and Virginia’s own rapper Skillz brought it to fans like no other could with the “2009 Wrap Up.”

Since the year 2002, the rapper has done year end wrap up track which brings all of the major events that occurred within the year from politics, national and international news and, of course, the music industry.

Looking back at what was 2009, things may have had their sour points, but one can only keep his/her head held high for the endless possibilities that could be 2010.

What were your lasting memories from 2009 and what do you look forward to in 2010?