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Apparently, gang bangers handle their business in court under the watchful eye of the law. G-Unit affiliated rapper 40 Glocc, born Lawrence Wright, is suing Compton rapper the Game for a shade over $4.5 million after the latter blessed the former with the fade, on camera

TMZ reports:

TMZ broke the story … Glocc sued Game over a street fight between the two rappers, which went down in July outside a Hollywood Hills mansion. Game subsequently posted footage of the brawl on YouTube, showing him whaling on Glocc.

At the time Glocc filed the suit, he didn’t specify how much he wanted, but now we know.  Glocc just filed legal docs demanding a cool $4.54 million.

Here’s the breakdown:

— $500,000 in pain and suffering

— $500,000 in emotional distress

— $750,000 in lost earnings

— $2 million for punitive damages

— $25,000 in medical expenses

— Various other stuff

Game’s lucky he didn’t go after Mark Cuban.

Check out the legal documents with Glocc’s exorbitant demands right here.

Now there is technically nothing wrong with Big Bad 40 handling his business legally. However, there is no way around the irony that a guy who touts his gangsta on records (and is reportedly a Colton City Crip), and said last summer that he didn’t plan to sue, is doing just that.

As for the Game (who is afflilliated with the Bloods), beating down rappers on camera is good for social media fame but not so good for the waller.

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