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Let’s all take a moment and reflect on another FAIL for Hip-Hop by the hands of a rapper from Louisiana. A YouTube video shows rapper Chris Dooley Jr. aka Hurricane Chris dressed in his Easter Sunday suit in front of the Louisiana House of Representatives. Why you ask? He is being “honored” by being able to perform for them.

SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY THAT IS AN HONOR? No seriously, tell me. In an almost painful to watch video Hurricane Chris gives the House a performance they’ll never forget. Braided and beaded up Chris tries his hardest to get the House “Ratchet, Ratcheeeet” by performing “Halle Berry” and fails…MISERABLY. Don’t blame him; blame the woman in light blue to his right. That’s his godmother, representative Barbara Norton and it was her idea to bring in Chris to perform. Barbara, Barbara, Barbara, what were you thinking?! Somebody get Barbara and her Sheryl Underwood wig please!!!

In the most awkward moment of the video, Chris drops some encouraging words to the reps about the song.

“I thought about one of the most beautiful women in the world today and I said Halle Berry! You know a lot of women look at her and say ‘I wanna be beautiful like Halle Berry, but you know, we got a lot of different types of women. Different colors, shapes and sizes. I just wanted to let ’em know that it didn’t matter what you look like, if you feel like you Halle Berry and got your confidence high, that’s what it is,” he said.

Christopher honey, I give you props for the message but please understand that some things are just meant for “us” and not for “them”. When you take something for “us” and show it to “them,” it does not work because THEY don’t get it. We get it! People love Halle Berry. You have short haired light skin women feeling themselves because they get to pretend the song’s about them. Thank you, much appreciated Chris, but next time just save it for US. Oh and please tell god mamma Barbara to go sit down somewhere the next time she wants to do you a favor. Thanks!