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Despite having not released an album since 2011, Tyler, The Creator has been quietly defecating on a lot of rappers with his extracurricular activities for quite some time. Check off his Loiter Squad show on Adult Swim and his OFWGKTA apparel as examples. ,The Odd Future frontman attains yet another grimace inducing achievement after directing a commercial for Mountain Dew, starring himself, in a way.

The “Domo 23” rapper plays Felicia The Goat (a literal goat) alongside another character named “Errol Chatham,” who plays an onlooker in the restaurant. We won’t give away plot, but you can expect to get a good laugh out of the California collective’s brand of racy humor in the ad.

Tyler announced his latest conquest when he tweeted, “MOUNTAIN DEW GAVE ME A CHANCE TO JUST HAVE FUN BEHIND THE CAMERA. THANKS… SHALL BE ON TV IN A COUPLE DAYS!” His following tweet revealed that this would be one of many commercials he directed for the soft drink company.

In the past, we’ve seen Tyler, The Creator play director for Odd Future visuals, the most recent of which being Earl Sweatshirt’s “Whoa.” See Sweatshirt share a funny anecdote about Tyler’s antics while behind the counter here. Get a preview of the 30 second spot below.

Photo: YouTube