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Katt Williams is ready to make headlines for his work, not for fighting fans, leading police on a 4-wheeler chase, or skipping out on tour dates. In short, the comedian wants to reclaim his place in the comedy kingdom.

Williams is busy promoting his appearance in Scary Movie 5, and told that he’s ready to get it together. “I want my crown back!”

The statement was made in reference to Mike Epps proclaiming that Kevin Hart wouldn’t be successful had Williams stayed on the straight and narrow.

The Ohio native has no beef with Hart, but he had to agree with Epps’ praise. “If I am the king, then my crown is not supposed to be able to be worn by anybody else.  So now, that doesn’t mean that they not gonna try and put it on somebody’s head and walk him around and tell you that he is the king.  But, the crown won’t match and the crown is gonna be too heavy for baby boy.  So now all I say is, I want my crown back! The comedy Lord giveth and he taketh away.”

On a more serious note, the father of seven promised to head back on tour, which he had to pull back from after faulty promoters (not the fact that he was getting arrested in just about every city he hit) were using his name to run scams. “I’ve been not doing any actual live performances because I got fake promoters out there so I was letting them finish spinning their wheels out there, but this is definitely the ‘Summer of Katt Williams,’ I can promise that.”

Good to see he’s upbeat, which is a stark difference from when Hip-Hop Wired caught up with him late last year.

Be sure to check Williams out in Scary Movie 5, it opens April 12.