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Conservative blowhard Erik Rush has a talent for absurd statements, and he continued this trend yesterday (April 15) after the explosions in Boston. The WorldNetDaily columnist tweeted out an insensitive remark aimed towards Saudis. After getting checked on his insult, Rush then demanded that all Muslims should be killed. 

Amid the chaos and growing reports surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing, Rush foolishly sent out a tweet that he tried to say was nothing more than a sarcastic joke. Rush failed miserably in his weak attempt at humor, and resorted to hurling insults at Twitter users who took offense at his words.

“Everybody do the National Security Ankle Grab! Let’s bring more Saudis in without screening them! C’mon! #bostonmarathon,” tweeted Rush early in the afternoon. One user challenged Rush by replying, “Sweet God. Are you ALREADY BLAIMING MUSLIMS??”

Rush hit back with, “Yes, They’re evil. Let’s Kill them all,” this in response to Right Wing watchdog website Right Wing Watch tweeting a link to the story capturing the earlier conversations. Saying that his words were “sarcasm,” Rush resorted to profanity and further insults before attempting to justify the reason for his tasteless joke.

“Hypothesis proven: Libs responding to “kill them all” sarcasm neglect fact that their precious Islamists say the same about us EVERY DAY,” wrote Rush in defiance of his critics.

Clearly amused by the response, a sweep of Rush’s timeline proves he’s comfortable in his villainous role. “I think I’ll just RT the illiterates’ worst and most entertaining tweets today for pathos and comic relief,” wrote Rush earlier this morning.

Check out his slanderous tweets, and suspect pleas, in the gallery.

Photo: FOX News

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