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Brad “Scarface” Jordan is reputable in the circles of Hip-Hop. Although the OG hasn’t dropped an official release since 2010, the Houston native’s catalog is still potent. Fans of Scarface know of his famous collaboration with the late Tupac “2Pac” Shakur, and he travels down memory lane in a recent interview about their classic “Smile” collaboration. Face Mob also utters a controversial statement, stating that Hip-Hop has been overtaken by powerful White men. sat down with Face during last month’s Paid Dues festival for the second part of an ongoing interview and the Geto Boy rapper wasted no time in speaking his mind on the current state of Hip-Hop. After giving praise to Compton standout Kendrick Lamar in response to a question regarding Hip-Hop’s current state, the veteran launched a vicious tirade on the recording industry.

From the interview:

I feel like the people that are in control of what Hip-Hop does is so f*cking White and so f*cking Jewish until they don’t give a f*ck about what the culture and the craft or what it really is. I don’t know if them mother*ckers trying to…let me say it right because I want this to be as offensive as I can possibly make it for these old ass punks that’s running these record labels. They’re in these powerful positions to dictate what the Black community hears and listens to. I f*cking hate that sh*t, like that sh*t pisses me off.

Scarface continues to rail on the industry, calling it a conspiracy against Black listeners and even calls the tactic brainwashing. The conversation switched gears as the former Def Jam South boss dropped gems of advice for upcoming rappers, echoing his strong sentiment of Black people taking ownership of the content. The meat of the conversation, however, was when Scarface gave an emotional retelling of how he and close friend 2Pac came to record “Smile.”

Pac was always on fire,” shared a choked up Face. “We went to the studio and jammed, and that was the last time I seen the homie, man.”

Watch the full interview in the video below.

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