We don’t know where or when we first spotted Rosanna Castillo, but we’re damn sure glad we did. As you can see, this Miami native is incredibly easy on the eye and as worthy a Bangin Candy as any. 

After some research (trust, we would rather just look at the pictures but figured we’d offer some due diligence), we learned that she is the sister of model Iesha Marie, is Puerto Rican and Cuban, still lives in Miami and at least used to work for Hooters.

For you cats that think you have a shot, she told Mixed magazine when it comes to guys she looking for “Smart ones with a goal or career nice body very challenging good looking and just one who’s respect woman and is great at being him self gets his own money got his things together and can get a smile out of me.”

Easy enough.

Check out the photos of the thoroughly blessed model on the come up,Rosanna Castillo, in the gallery. Glad we could be of service.

Photos: Instagram, Van Styles

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