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Has Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Benzino been extorting The Source magazine founder Dave Mays? We asked Zino Grigio about this longtime rumor and he candidly confirmed. 

“I extorted Dave for his sneakers. I extorted him for his lunch at Harvard,” revealed Benzino. “We used to play ping pong, I used to take all his ping pong balls, he used to hate that.”

Umm, clearly the “Rock The Party” rapper, born Raymond Scott, was being sarcastic, okay?

Also, despite his ouster from the “Hip-Hop Bible” back in 2006, Benzino still reads The Source on occasion. “I haven’t subscribed to it or nothing like that. But I’ll time to time go past a newsstand and grab it and check out what’s inside just to see,” he said. “It’s almost like seeing my child coming and visiting me sometime. At the end of the day, The Source is always going to be Dave Mays and Benzino.”

Benzino also discussed the status of his group with Stevie J, being on the same network as The Source‘s Kim Osorio and the bombings in his native Boston. Check out the interview below.

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired