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Growing tensions in the country of Brazil have escalated to violent levels, with some groups sparking small riots in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Although the latest reports focused on the violent acts of few, Tuesday (June 18) marked the second day of largely peaceful protests.

According to CNN, citizens of the country are angry at the government over spending, taxes, corruption and a host of other issues. President Dilma Rousseff acknowledged the message Brazilians are sending, and she vowed to address matters in due time. However, it seems anarchy is spreading among the youth who are fed up.

President Rousseff maintains that those incidents are sporadic and isolated.

In a series of images collected by CNN, some of the protests were indeed intense. An initially cheeky New York Magazine piece released earlier today (June 18) mockingly reported on the protests, with an update from the reporter writing about the widespread and peaceful demonstrations that are also taking place.

Check out the following pages for photos of the protests in Brazil.

Photos: CNN, NY Mag

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