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Damn Paula Deen, damn. The Food Network chef is in hot buttered water over her admitting that she uses the N-word in a court deposition. So what better way to awkwardly spew the word, while copping pleas that she’s not racist, than by reciting the words in a rap song?

That scenario made us consider what tunes would make it onto a Paula Deen Hip-Hop playlist. Thank’s to the rap game prolific use of the word, she has plenty of dope jams to sing along to while winking to any Black people that may be around.

That said, here is Paula “Of Course I Use The N-Word” Deen’s Hip-Hop Music Playlist. White people, singing along to these tracks with your Black “friends” around may not be good for your health. You have been duly warned.


Trick Daddy ft. Trina – “Nann Ni–a”

Picture Paula Deen passionately kicking Trina’s verse. It’s funny.

J. Cole – “Rich Ni–az”

Paula was up on that new Cole, early.

Ice Cube – “The Ni–a Ya Love To Hate”

A classic from Amerik-ka’s Most Wanted, a Paula Deen fav no doubt.

Wu-Tang Clan – “Shame On A Ni–a”

Paula gets buckwild with the butter, no doubt.


Photo: TransGriot

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