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Actress Rae Dawn Chong (daughter of  Tommy Chong…of Cheech and Chong) doesn’t like Oprah Winfrey very much. The two starred together in The Color Purple over 20 years ago (Chong was “Squeak”), and she doesn’t like what the talk show mogul has become.

Chong called Lady O a “field ni–er,” skilled in the art of “brown nosing.”

TMZ reports:

Oprah Winfrey’s former “Color Purple” co-star Rae Dawn Chong just UNLOADED on the talk show queen — claiming O is a self-centered fat “biotch”  who would have been a “field n**ger” back in the slave days.

Rae Dawn — who’s part black — appeared on “Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour” and talked about how her personal relationship with O went from good to really REALLY bad back in the 80s.

RDC says Oprah was “lovely” to her back on the set of Purple in 1985 … but when Rae moved on to her next movie, “Commando,” that’s when she says O became “a total biotch.”

“I starred in Commando. And she just wasn’t having me. She’s competitive. She didn’t like me. She just wasn’t having me.”

It’s clear, Rae doesn’t like O either — ’cause for the next several minutes of the interview, she ranted on and on about how much she hates Winfrey — and stooped so low, she even took shots at her appearance and invoked slave imagery.

After she flipped out, Chong posted a video online explaining her life choices. Just in case Winfrey took her words the wrong way, she made it clear that the “n-bomb” was a compliment.

Watch below.

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