Ni–er Hatin’ Me

Johnny Rebel is the pseudonym of Cajun country musician Clifford Joseph Trahan and has used this false name most notably to spread hate through racist recordings. Issued way back in the heat of the Civil Rights movement on Reb Rebal music label, Johnny frequently used the N-word freely in his songs and often voiced sympathy for the Ku Klux Klan and urged for the Jim Crow-era of the South to return. On “Ni–er Hatin’ Me,” he calls his fellow man a “spook,” a “jig-a-boo,” and sends a direct shot at Martin Luther King, Jr., saying, “He’s causin’ lots of trouble with his baboon mouth.” With other singles entitled “In Coon Town,” “Some Ni–ers Never Die (They Just Smell That Way),” and “Who Likes a Ni–er,” Rebel found his story parodied on The Boondocks entitled “The Story of Jimmy Rebel”.

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