About 2,000 People In New York City Saw Jay Z Diss Tupac In 1996.  Camera phones were 10-12 years too late. AOL 3.0 for Windows 95 was all the technology rage in the summer of 1996.
Said fabled event took place in the Apollo Theater and was over the “No Diggity” beat. The only thing is, no footage of it happening exists. In 2006, Jay told XXL that had Pac lived, a beef between the two was inevitable and that he was aware of the Makaveli intro long before the album dropped and even before Shakur died. “They usually tape the Apollo shows, but they just stopped taping for some reason,” Jay said. “We tried to find the tape. It’s 2,000 people that know about it. I did two verses. It’s the truth, that’s the best sh*t. It’s so liberating, when you say what the f*ck you wanna say.”

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