2Pac’s Murder Could Potentially Have Been Solved Long Ago If Khadafi Had Not Died — When Pac died, the code of the streets – for better and for worse – went into full effect. No one talked to cops and law enforcement gave off the impression they didn’t give a damn; the perfect elixir for an unsolved homicide. Pac’s cousin and member of The Outlawz, Kadafi, apparently knew who pulled the trigger and was willing to testify in court. Unfortunately, two months after the Vegas shooting, Khadafi was killed in a New Jersey housing project, and not in a regular way either. He was shot execution style in with one bullet to the back of the head in an Orange, New Jersey, housing project building. It could have been over random street dealings, but the popular myth is because Kadafi was prepared to blow Pac’s murder wide open.
The eeriest part about his murder? He jokingly wondered to his girlfriend, Lavie Johnson, “What if somebody coming to kill me?” Minutes later, he was dead.

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