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There are some artists that can handle the responsibility that comes with social media, and then you have those who just do entirely too much. Whether it’s sharing worthless personal information or beating us down with shameless self promotion, we need some rappers to show some chill.

Bad posts can reflect poor taste, throw subliminal shade towards peers and make said rappers look even crazier. But even with those possible pitfalls, some artists continue to flood the Internets to keep their names trending. Maybe they like the abuse?

While we do respect their  hustle, it’s time for some of the worst offenders to be put on notice. So we present 11 of the thirstiest rappers on social media.

Here you’ll find some obvious picks and others who might have popped up on your slander timeline only every now and again. Let us know who you think should be crowned as the supreme desert thirsty rapper in the comments section.

Photos: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

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