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When it comes to many rappers, the statement “Oh he/she is a total character!” is used to describe them. Sometimes it’s offensive, but oftentimes it’s true. Rappers embody the idea of a character – from shedding their government name to substantiating their flows with an outwardly wild personality. Oh yeah, let’s not forget their aesthetics.

From wearing sunglasses all damn day, and night, and on bank holidays, to rocking gold teeth and being draped in jewelry, it’s perennially Halloween for certain artists within Hip-Hop. We’d like to name a few for you.

Check out our gallery of rappers who rock a continuous costume. Some are moments in their careers while others just look like that every day. Peep the flicks, and if you’re wondering what to be this year for Halloween, now you have a few more choices to consider.

Photo: MTV

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