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Dame Dash is most known as a founder of former Hip-Hop mainstay, Roc-A-Fella Records. Never fearful of taking great risks, the mogul has seen the successes and pitfalls of entrepreneurship, which he discusses in VIBE‘s “My Philosophy” web series.

“I never really considered myself super hip-hop, ever in life,” Dash said. “I don’t think anything that I’ve done reflects that. I just feel like the biggest thing that I’ve done that’s translated to pop culture on the biggest level has been Hip-Hop because of Jay and Kanye. But I never was like everyday all day hip-hop guy.”

Dash’s ventures in fashion, art, and even motor oil,  make it safe to say that he’s well versed in how to properly build a business. That’s why he hates to be called a “Hip-Hop mogul.”

According to Dash, “It’s very rare that a person, especially in his twenties and thirties, can do more than one business and do it well. I don’t know why you would downplay it by saying ‘Hip-Hop.’ To me, that goes into tycoon status.”

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