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The Don Mega–Ice Cube continues to be the face of the nation as he’s making his rounds to promote his box-office smash Ride Along.

His latest interview brought forth a bit of current events twist to an issue the former N.W.A. standout can easily relate to.

While on SportsNation, Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley grilled the veteran rapper/actor about Richard Sherman’s recent comparisons to the media’s usage of the word “thug” as a safe alternate to dropping N-bombs.

Sherman, like Cube, hails from South Central and is brash and hardened yet very profound. Cube agreed with Pete Carroll that his targeting of Michael Crabtree was unnecessary but agrees that Sherman had a point with his thug analysis.

“It’s not a big deal but what trips me out is the media pretends like they didn’t like when he said when they love what he said because it makes producer’s worlds easier and gives people something to watch,” he explained.

Cube also touched on how Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson gave a “square and straight” interview that was not lambasted in the headlines because it wasn’t sensationalized.

Getting back to his reason for the SN visit, the success of Ride Along apparently was no fluke of nature, either. When asked about the possibility of added another Friday to his greatest movies list, Cube let it be known that the ball was in New Line Cinema’s court but his chemistry with co-star Kevin Hart was some of his best yet.

“With Chris Tucker, you kind of had to ramp it up. Even with Mike [Epps] we kind of have to get to know each other but with Kevin, it was instant,” Cube recalled.

And there you have it. Watch the video regarding the life and times of Richard Sherman below and hit the gallery to see Cube discuss the next next Friday movie and play an exclusive SN game: “Kobe or Cube.”

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