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For better or worse, in this case more so on the worse end, Macklemore’s name has been dragged all through the news this past Grammy weekend.

Along with his production partner Ryan Lewis, he skated off with four Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Album, but all everyone seemed to want to discuss is how he ousted the more talented Kendrick Lamar.

For whatever reasons in his inner pysche, Macklemore felt pressured to apologize and publish his text messages to Kendrick.

With the top looking mighty lonely, Mack has an unlikely supporter in Fabolous. The two rappers aren’t from the same cloth, era or way of life but when asked by a troll-baiting Skip Bayless on First Take, Loso didn’t throw him under the bus.

“I think he’s a good artist and he makes great music,” Fabolous said while further explaining Macklemore’s contributions to the indie world. Unconvinced, Cari Champion asked The Soul Tape rapper what made Macklemore actually good to which Fab replied “It’s different for Hip-Hop and that’s what always made Hip-Hop dope is diversity, and that’s what he brings to the table.”

Opinions come in all forms and perspectives and unless you’re Benzino, they propel intelligent discussion within the ranks of the culture.

Watch Fabolous’s take on Mr. Thrift Shop below.

Photo: ESPN