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People react in a variety of manners when it comes to breaking up in relationships and 26-year-old English woman Torz Reynolds has done herself bodily harm after she found out her boyfriend Stuart “Chopper” May lied about moving to Alaska for work.

He in fact had moved on with another woman.

Upon learning the harsh truth, Torrz immediately got a knife to get to cuttin’–but not to slit her wrists. Among her numerous tattoos and piercings, she had “Chopper’s B*tch” scribed on her arm and she immediately performed a 90-minute self surgery to rid herself of her ex’s memory.


Reports Daily Star:

Realising her relationship was well and truly finished, the 26-year old wanted rid of her name tattoo.

But rather than having it professionally removed by a laser or covered up with another inking, Torz used a SCALPEL to carefully cut the skin off her arm with the tattoo on it – using no anaesthetic and using only a bottle of Vasocaine numbing spray to halt the bleeding.

After 90 minutes slicing, she then used a pair of dissection tweezers to peel the skin back and remove it completely.

And in a grim pre-Valentine’s Day gift, she stuffed the arm skin into a jar, wrapped it up with a bow and sent it via recorded delivery to her former lover, checking the status of the delivery so she would know for a fact that her 24-year-old ex had received it.

The loony toon also described the slicing of her skin as “relaxing” and is satisfied with her decision now that Chopper “will never know to mess with me again.”

We think he already sensed that before this mutilation struggle but cool beans, Torz.

Check out the video below and let us know how you feel about this Valentine’s Day massacre in the comment section.