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As is the case with just about every Scandal episode, sexual tension is ruining everything, and loyalty is a thing of the past.

On last night’s (March 7) edition of our favorite political struggle drama, Olivia Pope kept up the fight against her feelings for President Fitzgerald, but were’ finally getting to see more of how much of a terrible person he truly is.

Fitz preaches about disloyalty, yet he just might be the most selfish dude in the Scandal cypher (in case you’re interested, Quinn would be considered the “village idiot”). Try as he might, there’s really nothing he can do to get Liv to hate him, even though he’s been putting in overtime to make her life utterly ridiculous.

Whenever she gets in the oval office, things get sketchy. Thankfully, Liv is slowly building her emotional wall back up, and no longer letting him push her up against his desk. No good will come of that kind of behavior.

As for his wife (remember her?) Mellie, she’s finally decided to stop wishing and hoping things will work out. She’s moved on to a “scandal” affair of her own, and therefore has less time to litter her husband with pointless questions about his infidelity.

Basically everybody was sleeping with everybody last night, and being drunk in love is making things hella awkward.

Especially for you, Harrison. Just wait on it.

Photos: Twitter/Tumblr/Instragram/YouTube

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