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Dr. Dre once reduced women to mere sex toys who lived to play their cards and manipulate men, when he so eloquently put on wax, “b*tches ain’t sh*t but hoes and tricks.”

For eons now, Hip-Hop music has garnered criticism as the genre that largely evokes violence, eulogizes the drug enterprise and promotes the degradation of women, particularly of color.

But thugs aren’t always misogynistic. And in light of Women’s History Month, we’re here to spotlight 10 songs that prove the latter; records by rappers – whether “crunk,” “gangsta,” or “conscious” – that lend example to Hip-Hop’s ability to acknowledge and pay homage to a woman’s worth. Turn the page to find out which others made the cut.

2Pac – “Keep Ya Head Up” (1993)

The hit single calls for the better treatment of women. The late Tupac Shakur equally offers hope to women, children, and poor people of color in tough times that arise in a system and society that make it difficult to stay afloat.

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