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A friend of C-Murder is helping to clear his name. C-Murder, real name, Corey Miller, will be re- tried for murder in three weeks. He is charged with second degree murder for the death of 16 year-old, Steve Thomas at a night club back in January of 2002. C-Murder was convicted in 2003 but awarded a new trial for complications with witnesses. A jury for his new trial will be chosen in early August.

Now fortunately for him, his friend Juan Flowers is stepping up to lend him a helping hand. Juan Flowers was with him that 2002 night and now admits that he was the shooter, not the rapper. Flowers seems to have nothing to lose, considering he is already serving a life sentence in a Georgia prison for another shooting death. The rapper’s lawyer, Ron Rakosky, wants his client’s ally moved from his Georgia prison to testify in the upcoming trial.

“Juan Edwin Flowers has stated under oath that it was he who fired the shot which killed Steve Thomas. His testimony is therefore relevant and he is a material witness.”

The prosecution team for the trial however disagrees. According to prosecutors when previously questioned, Flowers denied that he and Murder were involved in the shooting.

“Flowers denied that he or Corey Miller were responsible for the murder of Steve Thomas.”

Prosecutors are therefore deeming the confession as “exculpatory” or favorable to the defense which would make it unusable.

His confession directly disputes information from another one of C-Murder’s “friends.” Dwayne “Wango” Cobbins was involved with the incident as well. He told prosecutors that he saw C-Murder hit Thomas first but did not see him shoot. After fleeing from the scene he claimed that he heard Juan Flowers say:

“No one could see C. Miller shoot that tiny little gun.”

According to Cobbins, he then figured out that the rapper had a gun hidden in his boot that he used to shoot Thomas. Cobbins later plead guilty to obstruction of justice after threatening a witness in the case. He is currently serving nine years in jail.

The fate of Flowers rests in the hands of Judge Hans Liljeberg. If Judge Liljeberg thinks that he is indeed a material witness, he can have him moved to the Jefferson Parish to testify. If not, then this could be the end for Corey “C-Murder” Miller.

C-Murder is currently at the East Baton Rouge Parish Jail after pleading no contest to two counts of second degree attempted murder for a separate incident. A video emerged showing him shooting at a club owner and bouncer at a Baton Rouge club in 2001. He shot at them after refusing to be searched. A judge sentenced him to ten years for the shooting but gave him credit for time served under house arrest.

If Flowers really did the crime, he’s dirty for not speaking up early. If he didn’t but he’s covering for his friend, then that’s a hell of a friend….but hey, what are friends for?