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With Before I Self Destruct possibly surfacing in September, rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is constantly in the media in more ways than music. His acting career has begun to flourish and he is currently in the works, alongside actor Forest Whitaker, of his first horror film.

Recreating Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” the two have been attached to the lead roles of the story about a doctor named Dr. Henry Jekyll that invents a potion and unleashes an alter ego, as well as his inner demon, called Edward Hyde who is remorseless, violent and eventually takes over Jekyll. It is a classic portrayal of a person exhibiting a split personality and somewhat illustrates the internal battle of good vs. evil.

The film adaptation will be directed by Abel Ferrara and production will be handled by Luc Roeg. Roeg hopes that this revamp will be able to bring the gothic classic and translate it into the modern area to bring in the new generation of viewers. Cheetah Vision Film’s Randall Emmett, who worked with 50 on Righteous Kill, will also have a hand in the project.

The original story has been conceived as an examination of the duality of human nature and the fact that within each individual has both a good and bad side within them, but they are unable to accept both sides of the coin as most do not succumb to their internal “evil” side.

In related news, Fifth has stated his passion for the film world and taking particular risks in order to ensure his future. This has resulted in the rapper removing many of the tattoos, primarily from his arms. He stated that it made scenarios such as the makeup process easier as he would have to arrive extra early in previous movies to have the art work covered up. Sometimes it would take four hours to cover it all up and then he would have to begin playing his role in the film.

His signature “50 Cent” and “Southside” tattoos across his back have remained intact.

The latest film Jackson worked on is the upcoming Streets Of Blood alongside Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone. The rapper will ironically be playing the role of a police officer and the film will be portraying the street gangs and corrupt law enforcement in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Outside of music, Jackson has also slashed the price on his Connecticut mansion down $10.9 million. Once the home of former boxer Mike Tyson, Jackson purchased the home for $4.1 million and spent close to $6 million on renovations and repairs. The rapper has stated that trips from the home to New York have become tiresome and now he wants to downsize.

The home has been on sale for close to two years, but he pulled it off the marker in May. Initially the price was $18.5 million and then dropped to $14.5 million.

As of now, there is no release date for the upcoming horror flick.