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Hollywood is notorious for “lightening” up its casting jobs in efforts to appeal to a broader audience and it appears that Black Twitter has had enough.

Feathers began to get ruffled when the first photo of Zoe Saldana starring as Nina Simone hit the Internet. While her acting chops aren’t being called into question, the Avatar’s fair skin appearance most definitely doesn’t mirror that of the jazz legend’s rich, dark color tone.

Almost immediately, Black Twitter started to entertain us all with satire (lead by Awesomely Luvvie), a trending topic hashtagged with #BlackBiopics was spawned which pitted well-known white actors being cast into movie roles of their African-American counterparts.

This latest trending topic reminds movie fans of the outrage sparked by 2012 action film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter when a Copenhagen Denmark born actress (read light-skinned) was cast as Harriet Tubman, who obviously does not look like that.

The jokes were endless and we compiled the best of the best #BlackBiopics reactions. Hollywood should have known better.

Photos: Twitter

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