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The Ku Klux Klan has slowly been reestablishing itself in small pockets around the country, with the infamous hate group expanding their recruitment efforts. Along with this new push, the KKK, for the first time, has been training its members in military-style combat for an “upcoming battle” they intend to wage.

The Klan began new in 1946 after two previous incarnations eventually fell. Today, the group boasts numbers high as 8,000 nationwide although at their peak in the early 20th Century that number was well into the millions. A documentary segment produced by Barcroft TV focused on the efforts of a group of West Virginia Klan faction’s membership rally featuring individuals who are quite devoted to the While Supremacy ideology.

From Barcroft TV’s video description:

A GROUP of Ku Klux Klan members says it is planning military style combat training for the FIRST time in KKK history – exactly 60 years after the birth of the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Klan bosses say an influx of military troops – existing members and new KKK recruits – will return to the US from overseas campaigns in a matter of weeks and plan to train the Loyal White Knights (LWK) faction, which has Klan members made up of men, women and children across at least three states.

LWK leaders say they are preparing for a race war they believe will break out soon with the collapse of modern society, and will learn armed combat, hand-to-hand combat and survival skills. The controversial organisation is also targeting kids as part of a modern recruitment drive. Unlike members of the 20th century, today’s KKK use social media and the internet alongside traditional methods like nighttime leaflet drops in local neighbourhoods to attract new members, including 13-17 year olds.

The LWK and KKK organizers, according to civil rights lawyer and professors Barry Levin, are aiming their efforts at younger members to extend the lifeline of the group. These younger members are more inclined to know the value of technology and will help spread recruitment to all corners of the nation. The clips showcases a family of Klan members who are passing on their tradition to their children. The KKK members videotaped in the clip bragged about the group’s reach in society, claiming police officers and doctors secretly joined in their ranks.

Just to inform you of the numbers, the West Virginia rally wasn’t a smashing success as only 40 people showed up. Good luck with that war.

Watch Barcroft TV’s clip below. A warning: some language is racially insensitive and offensive.

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