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“People just hyping Shyte up.”

Usually known to be the one to submerge himself within any beef coming his way, Game has had a change of heart and looking to take the higher road.

After “400 Bars” caused controversy between the rapper, Alchemist and Jay Rock, he is now quieting any glimpse of hope that there is actually a problem.

“[Al] know what it is though and with Jay Rock, to be honest, I didn’t even know that that was Jay Rock that had even said the [Ice] Cube thing,” said Game, while speaking with XXL.

Clearly standing on the side of Cube, Game simply feels that the new generation has to accept the fact that people like Cube laid the foundation for the Left Coast and they must go through the trials in order to be truly recognized.

“So when I said what I said on the track I wasn’t thinking about him specifically…I mean, do you think it’s [Cube’s] responsibility [to help out the new emcees]? Because I don’t think so. People have to pay their dues. I paid my dues and they gotta do the same.”

So, is that really even an apology?  It sure doesn’t seem like it, but knowing Game, that’s probably just his own version of one…kinda.