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Robin Thicke is in a weird space; and he admits to it on his newest album Paula. He sat down with Ebro at HOT 97 to discuss what exactly made his MILF wife turn her back on him.

While the country was enjoying the craze that became “Blurred Lines” in 2013, it seems Robin was enjoying it in other ways. Rumors of groupie love, drugs and excessive partying followed the singer throughout his artistic breakthrough only to leave him separated from Paula Patton.

Ebro and company got right to it with a line of questioning that got Thicke to speak about how the lines got blurred, the separation from Paula, his battle with Marvin Gaye’s estate, Pharrell and more.

So we present the top 9 things we learned from the Ebro In The Morning Robin Thicke interview. Hearing what his father Alan Thicke had to say about the “Get Her Back” video was hilarious; let us know what your favorite moment was in the comments section.

Photo: HOT 97 / Youtube

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