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If this isn’t one of the saddest examples of the law doing wrong, than what is?

A white Philadelphia police officer reported, back in April, that he was shot while in pursuit of two Black men.

According to the officer, he was confronted by then men with one of the suspects pointing a gun at his head which was then slapped, but resulted in him being struck in the shoulder.

There are now statements saying that the officer lied and actually just shot himself.  According to reports the officer, 21 year veteran Robert Ralston, was displeased with the fact that he would be transferred to another police district, which was reported to be predominantly Black.

Negotiating a deal, Ralston will avoid criminal charges due to the fact that he revealed the details of what really happened, but Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey will fire the officer, after a 30 day notice, and he will also no longer get his pension.

Feeling as though his actions are a disgrace to the police department, Ramsey adds that his badge will never be used again.

“The fact that he stated that two African-Americans were involved in this, again, just I think inflames tensions in our community, something that we certainly do not need,” Ramsey said. “He was asked specifically why he did that. He said he did it because the 19th District is a predominantly an African-American district, and that’s why he said it was two African-Americans. Fortunately, none of our officers stopped anyone or arrested anyone, I should say, as a result of this, but it could have led to a tragedy.”