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The situation in Ferguson, Mo. regarding the shooting death of unarmed teenager Mike Brown by city police has some citizens violently taking to the streets. However, the police are painting themselves to be just as violent after officers slammed a pregnant woman to the ground.

A video clip credited to James Roberson and posted via the online hacker group Anonymous shows a tense scene between the Ferguson police department and protesters in city Monday night. Cops armed with riot gear and high-power assault rifles are in battle formation as a car with a passenger outside the window with his hands raised drives by them.

With helicopters swirling above lighting the night sky and agitated voices in the back, an argument can be heard going on between an unseen woman and the police. Suddenly, the cops slam the woman to the ground for reasons yet unknown. Onlookers try to intervene but the Ferguson force raises their weapons to keep them at bay.

The name of the woman is not known, but she can be heard screaming to the officers “I cannot lay on my stomach, I’m six months pregnant!” at one point. Bystanders are yelling at the officers too before the video goes blank.

Since Sunday, riots and skirmishes between citizens and the police have erupted in the city, which is just northwest of St. Louis. Dozens of persons have been arrested with a growing number of other individuals injured. Media outlets were warned to stay outside the riot zone or face arrests and citizens complained that police have cornered them in certain areas.

Watch the video of the confrontation between the pregnant woman and police below. A warning: the video features foul language and could be disturbing due to the violence depicted.

Ferguson PD from Anonymous OpSafeKids on Vimeo.

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Photo: Twitter/Antonio French