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Very few slain rappers ever have their killers brought to justice. However in the case of Trill Entertainment’s Lil Phat, there have been several shocking discoveries that likely won’t make him one of those statistics.

Phat (born Melvin Vernell III) was shot and killed on June 7, 2012 in a Atlanta hospital parking lot. While history may lead us to believe that this was a simple rap beef turned deadly, Phat’s situation oddly involves the Russian mafia, a former Division I basketball star, the Bloods and petty marijuana theft.

Decensae White, who once played for coach Bobby Knight at Texas Tech, testified in open court yesterday, August 18, that he was the one who tracked Phat’s car to the hospital with a GPS system given to him by Russian mafia henchman Mani Chulpayev.

Shortly after Maurice Dewayne Conner and Deandre Washington allegedly murdered Phat on the spot, according to White’s testimony. Fulton County Prosecutor Gabe Banks believes the “mob style hit” was retaliation for Phat stealing weed from alleged Bloods gang leader Gary “Eldorado Red” Bradford and White.

When asked the significance of the hospital, White admitted that it was the same facility where his son was born.

“We see his car is there and we circle around the parking deck and then exited the parking deck,” White testified. “Red gets on the phone with Conner, and tells him to stay there and, ‘Do you see the car?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ That’s when Red was saying, ‘Gun his ass or kill him right there, basically.”

White admitted he thought it was a stupid idea seeing that they were seen on the hospital’s surveillance cameras but that ultimately proved to be a futile matter.

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