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Following his thought-provoking op-ed on Ferguson and his appearance on CNN, Killer Mike joined Lisa Kennedy Montgomery on Fox News to further discuss the aftermath of the police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

In his sit-down, the ATLien revealed his father was a police officer and is now a member of the NRA, which served as reason for why the rapper believes that law enforcement should be actively engaged with the community they serve, as opposed to just “occupying” it.

More interesting, though, were Mike’s thoughts on whether or not Brown’s death is a matter of bigotry. He had this to say about racial implications:

“I don’t advocate everything becoming a racial argument when we approach something. This is a constitutional argument,” he said. “I believe this young man was killed before due process happened, and his constitutional rights may have been violated. If we, in the name of safety, keep being complacent and not showing outrage when constitutional rights are violated, eventually we will all end up in an occupied community, and it wont just be the least of us.”

See the full conversation below. Please discuss.

Photo: Instagram/WENN