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We’re sure weirder things have happened, but Fugees rapper Pras is heading to North Korea today (August 29) to watch a wrestling match.

Page Six reports that the event will be hosted by Japanese politician and former pro wrestler, Antonio Inoki.

Pras’ trip would be less brow-raising if former NBA player Dennis Rodman hadn’t traveled to North Korea to connect with throughout 2013 leader Kim Jong Un. The rapper, however, defended his travels by explaining that the sole purpose of the trip was to “explore.”

He also made a mention of President Barack Obama, with whom he has a good rapport and is a noted fan of the Fugees’ “Ready or Not.”

“Honestly, I don’t know if Obama knows I’m going to North Korea,” Pras said to Reuters. “He’s probably going to know – and at some point the State department is going to know – but this is not a political trip, this is just a human being going there to explore something.”

Needless to say that a relationship with the POTUS is not one to squander. Pras reaffirmed his claims, saying “I’m not sure what Dennis’ motives were, but he’s an athlete and basketball player and I’m an entertainer – there are two different agendas and I’m purely going there to explore.”

The Brooklyn-born, New Jersey-bred wordsmith went on to describe visiting countries to be a joy because Westerners “take a lot of things for granted.”

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