In unsurprising, yet still disturbing news today, a pair of NYPD officers are under scrutiny after bashing an unarmed 16-year-old in the face with a gun. To make matters worse, the suspect teen had raised his hands in surrender, seemingly prepared to be arrested.

Via DNAInfo:

The surveillance footage [below] obtained exclusively by “On The Inside” shows the two officers catch up to marijuana suspect Kahreem Tribble after a brief chase in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

As the teen stops running, one officer throws a punch at his face. Then, as the suspect raises his hands, the other officer clocks him with his gun.

Tribble was arrested for possessing 17 small bags of marijuana and disorderly conduct on Aug. 29. At his arraignment, he pleaded guilty to a violation and was released with cracked teeth and bruises.

The two police officers are from 79th Precinct and are the latest targets of a criminal investigation conducted by NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau and Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson.

The incident has the left Kahreem Tribble and his family traumatized with fear. “My client was minding his own business and they decided to chase him for no reason,” said Tribble’s lawyer, Amy Rameau. “Their account is concocted to justify what they did, to cover their asses, to legitimize their criminal conduct.”

Photo: WENN

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