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Michael Jackson’s hometown Gary, Indiana has finally inked a deal for a new Museum and Performing Arts Center that will be built in tribute to the late and great King of Pop Music.

The enormous project is expected to cost around $300 million and residents are hoping that the center will reignite the spark in the town that they once had.

However, this is not the first time that the city of Gary has heard plans like this before, and some are dubious whether this one will surpass the others that have fallen. Michael Jackson announced in his hometown the idea of the center back in 2003, but when talks of who would financially support the center never surfaced, the idea and the project came to a screeching end. So now the question remains, who is going to pay for the center?

Mayor Rudy Clay says that all the financial backing for the Hotel, Performing Arts Center, and Museum, are courtesy of the Jackson Family Foundation, and any other volunteers, donors, or supporters who wish to help out.

According to the Associated Press, Joe Jackson spoke about the project and had this to say:

“This is a happy day for me because this is something that my family and Michael have always wanted,” he said. “We’re bringing something back.”

Let’s all hope that this time the center will prevail, and Michael Jackson’s legacy will be carried on.