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Last year alone Mr. Boomtown directed over 30 music videos for the likes of Scarface, Lil Boosie, OJ Da Juiceman, Paul Wall and Mike Jones along with slew of independent artists.

He is on pace to pass that number this year and has a record label and feature films in the works.

Hip-Hop Wired caught up with Boomtown fresh off directing five videos in five days for Gucci Mane, and chopped it up with the in-demand director about his insane work ethic, what really went down at the Gucci Mane video shoot and a possible Pimp C documentary.

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Though Nahala “Mr. Boomtown” Johnson is known as, “The Dirtiest Director Down South,” a more accurate moniker may be, the hardest working man in the music video business.

The Port Arthur, TX native, 37, attended the University of Houston majoring in television and film production while working as a production assistant on music video sets throughout H-Town.

After leaving school in ’95 to pursue his dream of directing videos, he worked at a Dallas television station and shot music videos for independent artists on the side before landing the spot in the directors chair for childhood friend Pimp C’s (“Pourin’ Up”) in 2006.

He has since been sought after by Bun B (“You’re Everything”), 2 Pistols (“She Got It”), Gucci Mane (14 videos including, “Lemonade,” “Bricks”) and Slim Thug (“Thug”).

Shooting over 30 videos last year, Hip-Hop Wired talked with Boomtown about breaking that record this year and now getting calls from East Coast artists to bring their music visuals to life.

Hip-Hop Wired:   You’re known for your unreal output of videos, but you and Gucci knocked out five videos in five days, last week?

Mr. Boomtown: I call it a marathon. Most of the videos were 12 to 14 hours long. Multiple locations, some are in the hot sun, some are in the hood. Therefore, Shyte, I call it a marathon.

Hip-Hop Wired:   Something like that must be very tedious.

Mr. Boomtown: It was pretty much planned out. Myself, the producer, Gucci and Coach K pretty much planned everything while Gucci was incarcerated. We would talk on the phone every other day. Two weeks before he was supposed to be released, we started getting everything together. We pretty much just got on the phone, talked about concepts, certain models he wanted in the videos and certain cars he wanted in the videos. When he got out everything was set up. He called me and was like, ‘I’m getting out Wednesday, and we need to be shooting Thursday.”

Hip-Hop Wired:   You were there, on set, when the group of guys confronted Gucci and Waka. What was that all about?

Mr. Boomtown: From what I gathered from talking to Waka and Gucci, [those guys who came on set] were the same guys that Waka got into it with at Walter’s a couple months back. We were actually shooting in their hood. I guess they felt they should come out there and let [Waka] know they still got business to settle or whatever.

Hip-Hop Wired:   Nothing else happened other than what was caught on the video that surfaced on the internet?

Mr. Boomtown: That is pretty much what it was, it was a bunch of talking and that was it. Nobody threw down. Nobody drew any guns or anything like that. I didn’t turn into anything nasty. Our whole thing was, we have a common goal and that was to get the video done. We weren’t trying to worry about all of that. We actually got it done and it is going to be a great video.

Hip-Hop Wired:   From watching the video going around the net of the incident, it seemed like Gucci kept his cool.

Mr. Boomtown: It tripped me out because Gucci was standing there just staring at the cat. That was some cool A$$ Shyte. It was a bunch of kids out there and they didn’t need to see any [violence]. Those kids were out there looking up to Gucci. We were just trying to keep the momentum going and not let that negativity take over.

Hip-Hop Wired:   What were the five videos you did in this recent Gucci marathon run?

Mr. Boomtown: “Everybody Lookin’,” “Boy From The Block,” “911 Emergency,” “Anti-Social” and the fifth day was, “The Movie.”

Hip-Hop Wired:   So how did you go from producing The Jerry Jones Show, to directing videos for some of the hottest artists in the game?

Mr. Boomtown: I wanted to direct videos and I didn’t let anyone tell me what I couldn’t do. I always tried to prove people wrong. That’s my motto. I want somebody to tell me I can’t do something so I can prove them wrong. Grind, I had to network and meet people and do some free work just to get my foot in the door. Once I got my foot in the door, then I can started developing those relationships.

Branding is important. Everybody knows early in my career I started branding myself with the “Boomtown” T-shirts wherever I went just so people could remember the face and from there they remember the videos. I sat out to brand myself.

Hip-Hop Wired:   Over the last two years or so you have been the go-to guy for many Southern artists…

Mr. Boomtown: For someone to say I am the go-to-guy for an artist is really an accomplishment. The thing we try to do is do good business with labels and artists to where we build real good relationships with them. You not only talk about business, you talk about everyday life. It is like chemistry. Like between me and Gucci, it’s chemistry. You have to show and prove on your first couple of projects to get them to keep coming back because they want that look. It’s not only the look, it’s the camaraderie. It’s the chemistry between my team and [the artists] team. It’s a family thing.

“Bricks” – Gucci Mane featuring Yo Gotti & Yung Ralph

Hip-Hop Wired:   Obviously giving people quality as well as quantity is the key also.

Mr. Boomtown: From day one, it’s never been about the money, it’s always been about the product. It’s been about doing the best you can do on a video. I always call it, trying to hit home runs. When the label gets that rough cut, I want them to call me back and say, “We love it so much we don’t need any changes.” Our motto is to work. We have love for what we do. It’s a passion. When you have a passion for something, you are going to do whatever it takes to keep that thing going.

Hip-Hop Wired:   Do you plan to take that passion to the next step, feature films?

Mr. Boomtown: That’s the next move. We are gearing up to get some movies financed. It’s a process. Whatever my first movie is, I want it to be something that we can touch people with. That’s going to set the tone for the rest of them.

Hip-Hop Wired:   You and Pimp C were close growing up in Port Author, have you thought about directing the documentary about his life, or UGK in general for your first film?

Mr. Boomtown: Actually, I talked to Pimp’s mom about a year ago about that.

Pimp C feat. Mike Jones & Bun B – “Pourin’ Up”

Hip-Hop Wired:   So that could be a possibility down the road?

Mr. Boomtown: Yes…The main thing I want to do, if I did a documentary about UGK, I want it to be as real as possible. I want to take people back to before they became UGK. Let people know how [Pimp C] and Bun came together. Let them know about the little small town that we grew up in, and how important it is to a lot of people. People are out here saying the word “trill” not knowing that that word actually came from Port Arthur. If I did a documentary, I want to touch on everything, so people can really know and understand UGK. They know the music but they don’t know the meaning behind the music.

Hip-Hop Wired:   I know you have some more videos on deck?

Mr. Boomtown: We got Gucci again. While we were shooting, Gucci said he wants to shoot on Memorial Day weekend in Miami. We are shooting Sean Garrett. A lot of videos have been filtering over through Gucci. While we were on the set, Juelz Santana’s homeboy put me on the phone with Lloyd Banks, he wants do some stuff. We are heading to Oklahoma to do three videos tomorrow. We have some things in the makings.

Hip-Hop Wired:   Do you ever take a day off?

Mr. Boomtown: Today was supposed to be a day off but I am working. Yesterday was supposed to be a day off but I was working. But, I can remember when I wasn’t doing anything. I can remember when I used to look at videos on BET and be like, ‘I can have some Isht on there.’ So, I aint complaining, I love this Shyte.

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