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“Joell, Royce, Crooked, Joe, yall did me dirty!”

Let Charles Hamilton tell it, the four-headed monster was initially meant to be the rap Temptations as he was suppose to be a member of Slaughterhouse.

A conversation with VIBE revealed that Hamilton was there from the beginning when the group was first spoke on and tried to insert himself with the likes of Crooked I, Joe Budden, Royce Da 5″9′ and Joell Ortiz.

“I was supposed to be the fifth member of Slaughterhouse and they know it.  Me, Royce and three other people drove out to Jersey, kicking the breeze.  I was like ‘let’s start a group.’ He was like, ‘Charles, you’re on a major label.’  He calls up Joe and I already had Crooked’s number, so we do the illest conference call.”

Apparently, Budden pulled somewhat of a hater move and kept the youngster outside of the movement, feeling that his age might have hindered the group and such an idea did not have any space for failing.

“Joe Budden says to me very sternly, “Charles, we are not your age. We cannot afford a failure. And we don’t want to be a failure and bring you down from your situation.“ I said, ‘y’all are representing hip-hop. Only way y’all fail, is if y’all don’t spit.”

Regardless of what was, the rapper still says that he’s cool with their decision and good with the team, but is still willing to join the ranks if the opportunity presents itself.

How does anyone think Hamilton would match, lyrically, with the members of Slaughterhouse?

Somehow, pink and Sonic don’t seem to mix with a slaughtered pig.