An incredibly terrifying fire broke out in downtown Los Angeles this morning (Dec. 8). Local police and firefighters have yet to determine the cause but there are trained dogs on the scene sniffing for accelerant in the case of arson attack.

Reports The Los Angeles Times:

The fire early today in downtown Los Angeles engulfed an area the size of a city block, closed freeways and roads, burst windows of nearby buildings and melted freeway signs.

“It looked like a bomb had just exploded,” said L.A. fire Capt. Rick Godinez.

Flames could be seen for miles from the fire that broke out in the DaVinci apartment complex at about 1:20 a.m. The blaze closed roads and freeways, including the 110 North, which won’t open until at least 10 a.m., officials said.

The blaze damaged nearby buildings, including one that houses city agencies.

“There are windows blown out all the way up the side of our building,” said Building and Safety spokesman Luke Zamperini.

More than 250 firefighters battled the blaze at the apartment tower under construction in the 900 block of Fremont Avenue, Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman David Ortiz said. The building had 1.3 million square feet of floor space, and officials said two-thirds of it was consumed by flames.

The bulk of the fire was put out in 90 minutes, but firefighters were continuing to deal with hot spots well into the morning, according to LAFD Chief Ralph Terrazas.

On the bright side, there were no casualties or injuries reported but two major freeways in the northbound 110 and 101 were shut down indefinitely.

Scroll the slideshow found below to see all the various angles of the Los Angeles fire.

Photo: YouTube

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